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Video rectoscope-anoscope BOB R-OM 150x2 LED

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Contact person
Andrzej Dryżba
Phone: +48539934682

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

Medical device dedicated to carry our video-guided sclerotherapy of piles. The comfort of using BOB video anoscope kit is incomparable with standard rectoscopes/anoscopes. Thanks to applying patented anoscopic head, a high-quality 2K CCD camera and an image processor integrated with source of LED light, doctors can observe the operating field on the monitor, being able to accurately diagnose the problem. Precise injection avoids the innervated areas, as a result of which the patient feels practicaly no pain or feels minimal discomfort. Depending on the needs, the whole treatment can be documented in the form of video (full HD .mp4) or photo (5M .jpg) recording and archived in dedicated database for further analysis.

Supplementary information

Video anoscope consists of:
- LED light source with integrated micro-computer
- fiber optic cable STORZ 1,8m dia 4,8mm
- anoscopic head
- rectoscopic head
- 2K CCD camera (2560x1600)
- pedal photo/video switch
- transportation tower
- monitor UHD 4K (option)
- keyboard, mouse

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