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Dried fruits and vegetables

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Contact person
Alina Zorychta
Phone: +48 506 919 040

Język komunikacji:
Angielski, Polski,

Description of the contract

Amkez Food Company is a producer and distributor of dried fruits and vegetables. Our company
has been established with the purpose of producing healthy food of the finest quality. Our
passion to natural and healthy eating made us develop an innovative, all-natural technology of
producing snacks. We have obtained following certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. Every year we participate in international food exhibitions: Grune Woche, Sial, IFE and domestic ones: Polagra, Natura Food and others. Our products are 100% natural, without any preservatives, food colorings, flavour enhancers and without any added sugar or salt. Our dried snacks could be characterised by the finest quality and excellent, natural flavour and aroma.
We will be pleased to commence co-operation with warehouses, commercial and distribution
networks so please feel free to visit our website: to see our full offer and to contact us at any time!

Supplementary information

Dried fruits and vegetables:

- peeled dried apples
- unpeeled dried apples
- peeled dried apples with cinnamon
- unpeeled apple chip
- dried beetroot
- dried parsley root
- dried carrot

Purchasers from abroad

  • Wielka Brytania

- Primary markets of the interest
- Branches
- Purchasers from abroad


  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005


  • Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products



Offer type
Time limit for receipt of offers
Valid from
Handel, Warzywa i owoce, Wyroby z warzyw i owoców,
Purchasers from abroad