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City of Lodz - candidate for Specialized Expo 2022

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Adam Ryszkowski | 2016-10-11 09:21:33
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On 15th of June 2016 during the 159th General Assembly of International Bureau of Expositions (BIE) held in Paris the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Professor Piotr Gliński representing Polish government together with the president of Lodz Ms. Hanna Zdanowska had officially notified the candidature of Republic of Poland and the City of Lodz for organization of the Specialized Expo 2022.

EXPO is widely known as a "World Expo", and this exhibition is organized in 5 years period to promote cultural, scientific and technical heritage of countries and nations of the world. On June 2016 Poland has officially registered City of Lodz as a candidate to host for organization of Specialized Expo, so called "Small Expo" in 2022. The characteristic feature of Specialized Expo is leading theme of exposition, which represents global trends and challenges faced by many countries and international communities. The City of Lodz as a Polish pioneer in the transformation of urban areas and has proposed to share its experience in cities revitalization as the leading theme of its Expo candidacy. It is worth to highlight that Lodz is a city with a long industrial tradition, what in the past years has played a significant role in the architectural style of this agglomeration. Currently, Lodz is a place of realization of the biggest in the scale of Europe revitalization project significantly changing the surrounding environment and the profile of the agglomeration. The changes taking place in Lodz presents the attachment to the regional heritage combining the roots and traditions of architecture together with the modern requirements and needs lead by city development.


The "CITY RE:INVENTED" exposition proposed by the authorities of Lodz being a candidate to host Expo 2022 is planned to be organized in the very central part of the city being a part of the larger revitalization scheme. The visitors of this exhibition will have the opportunity to familiarized themselves with the practical experiences in city's modernization and transformation, with the ideas for improvement of urban areas functionality, and application of interesting architectural concepts in combination with the existing infrastructure developed in the past decades.


The issue of migration of population from rural to urban areas, creation and development of favorable conditions for life in the big population centers, organization of a man friendly proportions in the big city, including the right connection of the tradition with the modernity are the challenges world is facing right now, however those are also the opportunities for development of the new business including number of design services and technological disciplines. It is predicted that in 2050 over 70% of world's population will live in the big urban agglomerations, what makes the leading theme of the EXPO exhibition proposed by Lodz authorities to be very crucial for the modern era representing the current challenges world is facing. In addition solutions from the concepts of "Smart City", sustainable development and also mobility are proposed to be included in the exhibition. This is also subject more relevant to current plans of China's development.


By mid of December it will be known which of the cities will be competing with Lodz in the bidding for Specialized Expo 2022. In the late 2017 BIE will decide which city will be the host of this event.



Expo 2022 Presentation
pdf | 5.23 MB

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